World University Championship

The next morning after nationals I already had to leave for the World Universit Championship in Bratislava.
Luckily, I still had one more rest day as the first day of the comp was just accreditation Stuff and the opening ceremony.

I was really excited as this was the first really combined competition for me. While I did participate in the combined ranking at the Youth Worlds in Guangzhou in 2016, it’s a whole different thing if you have one or two rest days in between each discipline. Here you had at least one discipline per day, so it still isn’t quite a competition in the Olympic Combined format.

The starting discipline was lead, but I did not have high expectations here as m focus on the Bouldering World Cups didn’t leave me much room for Lead training. The first route wasn’t that hard and I was able to reach the second to last hold 😀 Unfortunately, afterwards I was super pumped and only had around 45 mins of rest before my second qualifying route. My second route went really bad. On a really far move, I hit my hip and thus could not reach the next hold. The sad part about it: I wasn’t really pumped and also two more moves would have put me about 20 Places ahead :/

On the second day, I had boulder Qualifications. I was still a little sore from the weekend and the lead day but felt in a good shape. I gotta complain about the Isolation here. There was barely any food and no air conditioning at 30+ degrees and I had to stay there for about 4 hours…At least, by the time I was competing, the temperature was a little better, but still not great.
The boulders were not that spectacular, and some were a lot too easy. With 4 Tops in 7 Attempts, I placed 7., missing finals by just one place (or one attempt).

Speed went beter than the other two disciplines, but I still couldn’t show my best. With a time of 8.96s, I could constantly run sub 9s times and placed 20. in Speed.
Afterwards, we Watched bouldering finals, and I would have really liked to compete here. The quality of the boulders was so much better than in the qualifying round.

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