China Part 1 – World Cup in Chongquing

Video by Urs Stoecker

It took us easily 25+ hours of travel before we finally arrived in Chongquing. This city is just insane! It’s so huge, there are so many skyscrapers as far as you can see. Still, China is definitely not my favorite place to be.

I did not really feel prepared enough for the comp as I got sick in Moscow and could not train for two weeks. This I had only two more sessions in China before the comp and could only do One rest day, while I usually prefer doing two rest days in front of a comp.
In the competition, I wasn’t able to climb any boulder, but I fell on the Top move of boulders Two and Four. It wouldn’t have changed anything in a matter of missing semis, but at least I could have gotten some World Cup Points by reaching Top 30.

Speed didn’t go better than Bouldering at all…
I slipped two times in both attempts and thus had a really bad time. But I guess that’s part of the game in speed climbing.
You have to learn to be really precise and concentrate 100%!

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