Adidas Rockstars


It was a new challenge, preparing for three disciplines simultaneously, especially when not having trained two of them for a long time. Even more, I also got sick the week after the Munich World cup and thus could not train :/

So after that, I barely did any bouldering sessions and almost exclusively trained lead and speed for the upcoming World Cup in Edinburgh, which in fact is my first Lead or Speed World Cup EVER!

I did not really mind about my lack of boulder preparation for the comp and just tried to enjoy Adidas Rockstars as much as I can. Mission definitely accomplished 😉

As the first starter, the holds were really new so it took a lot of skin, but therefore the friction was just awesome. I feel like the boulders were not as hard as in a World Cup but they were really fun. I was able to top all four boulders, qualifying me for semifinals in 6th place.

Next day, unfortunately I strained my latissimus and triceps during warmup and thus didn’t know if I could compete. I could not resist competing, hoping not to make it much worse. I could not give 100% and just tried to enjoy the amazing crowd in the Porsche Arena.

Still, I was able to top one boulder which placed me 15th in the end.


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