German Bouldering Championship in Berlin

The Preparation

After I got injured at the Big Fat Boulder Session, I had to rest for another month to recover my strained my tendons. But of course I didn’t just sit around and do nothing, but used the time wisely to with a lot of endurance training and stretching. I had only one month to train for the national bouldering championship. As the season highlight for me is the World Cup / European Championship in Munich in August, I set up my training plan for this goal and decided to only compete at the German Bouldering Championship if my finger feels prepared enough. Luckily I already felt really comfortable after only one month of training. I think doing a lot of strength and basic endurance training and doing Yoga really helps me improve in my climbing.


The Comp

Boulders in qualification were tough, but really nice. With three tops, I advanced to semis in second place. I’m really happy the nationals qualification are now held in intervall mode, where you climb 5 minutes and then rest 5 minutes for 5 times. The previous years the qualification was always open mode with 90mins time and max 5 trys at each boulder. I really didn’t like that mode as you sometimes had to wait really long at some boulders and it was so streessful. Anyways the Boulders in semifinals were at least as fun as in qualifications. With three flashes I  secured myself a spot in the finals! Wohooo! I was super psyched for finals but already felt a lack of power even before finals began. While observing the boulders, I already knew that I couldn’t climb the first one, as the crux move was exactly the motion that still hurt my finger a bit.. I didn’t want to risk too much and thus didn’t climb this problem while all the other finalists did. Unfortunately the next two boulders were a bit to hard for all of us and I could not even out the score. I knew I could only catch up if I flashed the last boulder and so put all my time and concentration into this one try. Its always super hard to flash those coordinative Jumps, but somehow I was able to do so. This restulted in a 5th Place the the German Bouldering Championship 😀

It’s kinda sad that it the first Boulder counted so much, but I couldn’t be happier with the result after such a long time of injuries and sickness. I still had so much fun there and the crowd was absolutely amazing 😀 Also the most important part is not getting injured again and to be in best shape at the World Cup and European Championship in Munich in August.


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