German Championships Speed

Speed nationals were just a week after the last Nationals in the Olympic Combined. An 8-hour train ride for some top rope climbing didn’t really psyche me, but once I was there I was really hyped to give it my best.

In my first qualification run, I had a smooth time of 8.32s, which already beat my PB of 8.40s in Tai’an. The second run was even better: 8.11s.
Placed 4th, in the same order as at the Speed part of the Olympic Combined Nationals last Week 😀

In the 1/8-Final I mostly focussed on not doing a false start, and thus had a time of 8.69s, but advanced to the Quarterfinals safely, where I won again with a time of 8.34s. Now I had to face of Jan Hojer in the Semifinal, who had previously just beaten the German Record with his 7.23s run in qualifications. Although I had a good run, Jan was just too fast. He beat his record again, with a time of 7.19s. It was an honor to be part of his record run 😀

I’m Super happy with my performance and the consistency I had today.
8.32s -> 8.11s -> 8.69s -> 8.34s -> 8.11s
Consistency is key 😉

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